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 Hello! Tell me more about the birth of the band Messiah!
Messiah was founded in 1984 by Reto "Tschösi" Wilhelm Kühne (vocals, later on bass) and me (guitar). Shortly after that Rolf "Jazzi" Heer (drums) joined the band.
We had very different musical tastes, which was evident in the music of Messiah from the beginning. At that time we could hardly play any instrument properly - we just beat on it. It was very chaotic and the thrashing was driven by our youthful wildness. Especially Tschösi puked his guts out. Early on, we put our thrash out into the world through tape trading. But no label was interested in pressing this noise on vinyl. So a close friend and at that time roadie of Ex-Hellhammer and Celtic Frost decided to found a label called "Chainsaw Murder" to record our debut album “Hymn To Abramelin”.
What are your inspirations?
Musically I`m more influenced by NWOBHM, but always with a touch more aggressiveness and speed as well as doom. Thematically Messiah is characterized by an atheistic attitude, critical of religion and it contains also fantasy and some science fiction.
I wish you some day to come to Plovdiv,Bulgaria .There you have got many fans. You have to be proud of that.
That makes us proud of course that we have many Messiah fans in Bulgaria. Hopefully it will happen that we play a concert in your country. Of course it would be easier to make a stop in Bulgaria when we are on tour. But for personal reasons we don't tour, we only play single shows, festivals. Well, a mini tour would be possible. It would be great to play in Bulgaria. We will see 
Are you planning a new album in 2022?
I'm noticing kind of like two camps. A lot of older old school bands tour and play their old thrash without releasing new albums.
Of course there are exceptions. Then there are many new younger bands that are technically excellent. But most of them are more mixed with Death Metal and the old spirit, as we still know it, is a bit lost. Personally, I get bored with it quickly - especially at concerts.
Thank you so much for the interview.
What are you going to wish to your fans and my media Dark Radio?
Thank you very much - and welcome! Thanks to all old and new fans who never forgot Messiah in all these years - we appreciate it very much. But keep on being open for new things - because the 80s can't be copied - not even by old bands like Messiah. That's a good thing. I wish Media Dark Radio many listeners and much success - and always keep it alive with heart and soul.
Keep the thrashing madness alive - thank you!
(Tonia Manolova)
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