04/05/2022 16:56 em Novidades

Hi,tell us how did you choose the name Katra for the band?

Hi Tonia!

 I started doing music as a solo artist under my own name Katra. Slowly the solo project turned into a band. The name Katra is really rare in Finland. Still around 10 years ago I was the only one with that name in Finland. So with the band we decided keep on playing and doing music under my name.


What is your inspiration?

My inspiration is life itself. All the ups and all the downs. I’m also inspired by books and movies and true life survival stories.


Do you have any future plans?

In my future plans I hope to travel a lot. I also hope I can do shows and productions as a living still for many years to come.


I like your cover of Hijo de la Luna,how did you manage to do it?

The song Hijo de La luna has always intrigued me. The story is so brutal, but yet so comforting at the same time. I also love the haunting piano melody of the song.


Thank you very much! What are you going to wish to your fans and my media Dark Radio?

Wishes to you all, we will get trough this difficult time and arts, music and events will be there when the world is ready!

Best regards,Katra




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