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How did you start? 
- My first band was "Dead Excitement", the group belonged to some friends. Then I did "Snek" with a boy from another company. However, the band disbanded and I stopped making music. When I graduated from high school, a friend of mine wanted to hear recordings of his songs. He offered me a try, and I created the song "Beach," followed by "Seven Years of Suffering, Seven Years of Sorrow."
You mentioned a separation tattoo, what is it?
- A star with barbed wire. I chose this sign because the feelings are as bright as the stars, but love also has thorns, so the two symbols intertwine.
Are tattoos a mandatory attribute for metalheads?
- I would not say that they are mandatory, rather it is a matter of taste. I like tattoos since I was a child. I made my first in ninth grade, she portrays the son of the devil. But I'm not a Satanist. On the contrary, I was brought up in the Christian tradition and I am a believer, I even go to church. I just like the unusual and spectacular tattoos. That's why I have a cobweb and a feather on my other hand. The cobweb symbolizes prison. I hope I never get there. I also have two bats because I really like Batman movies.
Why did you choose this style, which is very specific and somewhat aggressive? Translated from English thrash means "hit, tap, beat".
"Because I think that's life itself." Life is not just daisies, champagne and tears. Being is raw, just like this music. There's something very interesting about it, and that is that it sounds like it's being performed on the street, when in fact the recordings are made in a studio. This achieves the authenticity of the performance combined with high sound quality.
Where do you record your songs?
- I have my own studio, which is located in my house. We make the recordings there. It is equipped according to all the rules, I claim that I did it professionally.
Who are your favorite artists?
- My favorites are American thrash metal bands. These are "Proxy", "Megadet", "Havoc", "Sepultura", "Cavalera Conspiracy". They make good music and are not as commercial as Metallica.
Are you against the commercial?
- Yes, definitely.
What is your wish?
(Tonia Manolova)
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